Athlete's diary #1 trying to get in shape

Good day dear friends! Today we will try to get in shape and start training) First off, I want to say that this is a very difficult topic for which there are many different ways to get in shape. some of which are much faster and more economical than others. the norm of healthy body and mind. I'll try to keep this post as useful as possible. My recommendations are made based on my own experience and those of my friends who have tried different ways to get in shape. If you have something to add or tell me, write Comments or join my circle on VK, so that I can know what you think about my recommendations and methods. My name is not Sigmundsdottir, I am just warning you from the trolls :) You can find my full name here: you can find my address: you can find my phone number: you can also find it on my sports page . I'll leave a link to my contacts for you :)